Assistant professor of philosophy at the School of Philosophy of the National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moscow.

Nadia completed her Doctorate in Philosophy in 2009 jointly at the Universities of Milan and Oldenburg. She carried out post-doctoral research at the University of Milan and enjoyed several research stays at the Technical University of Berlin, the Ruhr-University Bochum, and the University of Leeds. She has been assistant professor at HSE in Moscow since 2014.

Nadia’s research is focused on post-Kantian German philosophy and the relationships between philosophy and sciences such as psychology, physiology, and linguistics in the long nineteenth century. She is also interested in aesthetical formalism, music theory, and recent Italian history.


Areas of competence

History of philosophy, knowledge, and ideas
Epistemology and theory of knowledge
History of psychology
Psychology and philosophy of music
Aesthetical formalism

Areas of specialisation

Kantian and post-Kantian philosophy
19th-century empiricism, epistemology and realism
Philosophical psychology and physiology
Language theories
Tone psychology
Aesthetical/axiological formalism
Johann Friedrich Herbart
Carl Stumpf


Research projects

Since 2015
Philosophy and psychology of language in the 19th and 20th centuries
Philosophy and sense physiology in the 19th century: concepts and methodology
Physiology and philosophy in the correspondence of Emil du Bois-Reymond
From Kant’s Transcendental Aesthetic to the tone psychology by J. F. Herbart, M. W. Drobisch and C. Stumpf
Johann Friedrich Herbart’s philosophy, psychology and aesthetics of music


Membership in research groups

Realism and objectivity (Italian Ministry for Education, University, and Research)
Limits of Knowledge: the Ignorabimus-controversy (DAAD)
The issue of individuality in post-Kantian speculation (Italian Ministry for Education, University, and Research)
Idealism and anti-idealism in contemporary European and US historiography (Italian Ministry for Education, University, and Research)